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Just Podcasting

Feb 10, 2019

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There's a huge level of discomfort for me doing solo episodes, but I pushed past to answer my own questions for this season. What has podcasting cost me? A lot, but it's given a return that I can't calculate. Get to know your host, why I felt a strong desire to talk about the cost of podcasting beyond the numbers and I hope to achieve with this series.


I speak on the following things (and FYI this also happens to be the basic format of the show):


  • What you life looked like shortly before you started podcasting.
  • Your ‘why’ for starting a podcast.
  • How long it took you to launch your show from it’s conception.
  • How that ‘why’ evolved over time.
  • The budget you started with.
  • How that budget changed.
  • Unexpected costs.
  • How much time you expected it take produce a podcast vs. how time it actually takes.
  • What takes you the most time.
  • What pieces overwhelmed you.
  • How podcasting has affected your personal and professional relationships.
  • How you keep balance.
  • The most negative impact podcasting has had on your life.
  • The most positive impact of podcasting on your life.
  • What you see new podcasters struggle with.
  • What you are struggling with now.
  • If you could do it all over again, what would you do differently?
  • What do you think the podcasting industry or podcast culture needs to change, if anything. 

I recorded this episode at the beginning of this season's journey. To be frank, I really thought I knew exactly how podcasters would answer these questions. Boy, was I WRONG! That's because as I expose myself to more and more podcasters, asking really intimate questions, I learn more and my beliefs reflect that learning. So, if I seem to disagree with myself in these interviews, that's exactly why.


The last episode of this season will be a summary of what struck me, what I learned about myself, podcasters and podcasting and where we'll go from here in season 2... because really, this season is a baseline of sorts. And I hope it sparks a conversation with you at least internally about your own podcasting life. I would love it to start conversations between podcasters-- either with me or your friends... and even BETTER, as a community.


Feel free to use these hashtags to share your thoughts with me on socials. #podcasterssupportingpodcasters #justpodcasting


One more notes about this series. I plan on experimenting with it while making it work FOR ME. From time to time, things may be different, go a bit wacky or even sideways, so your feedback will help me (and my lovely team) learn, grow and craft something that serves you, dear listener.


The technical thing I learned from this episode: The Samson QU2 is mid-heavy and maybe isn't as good as the ATR2100 for my voice. I'm still figuring out the best EQ for it. This is when a multi-band compressor comes in handy.


Cat in this episode: Clark & Fat Round


Personal Podcasting Pain Point: I hate how I breathe and my nasal-ness and you might, too. I have allergies. A LOT of them. So, unless I go live on another planet, I can't do much about it. In the end, imperfect and all, I decided down was better than perfect.


Thank you to all the people who made this series possible: My loving, supportive family, my incredible Ya Ya Podcasting Team and the podcasters who were so generous with their thoughts, feelings, experiences and time. And thank you to my clients who always inspire me, my The Good, the Bad and The Yetis (you know who you are), Elsie Escobar and her E-League Alum and my the supportive communities of podcast editors: Podcast Editors Cub & Just Busters: Female Podcast Editors.


P.S. I have been using HelloCast (currently in beta) for this show's workflow... they are NOT a sponsor, but I LOVE how easy they've made putting my show together. All the non audio elements are in 1 place and I can easily track where in the process an episode is... from IDEA to RELEASED. So, THANK YOU HELLOCAST for knowing how I think and designing an app to organize me. :)

Sorry if I left in any mouth noises, Jennifer.