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Just Podcasting

Mar 9, 2019

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Episode Summary:


Nicole, of the Nicole Walker Network & She Leads Podcast, and I chat about her passion in helping women of color grow and develop in leadership roles. After leaving New Jersey for the sunny shores of Florida, Nicole was dedicated to building her brand and her business. Podcasting has been one of the major tools that she has used to reach her audience and promote her brand, self-help and leadership development. We discuss how she determined her why, what led her to her niche audience, and the challenges she has faced while growing her business and balancing her corporate job, family life, and personal business.

  • Nicole truly jumped into podcasting! It only took her two weeks between ideation and beginning to create content.
  • Barriers: She is a perfectionist, but did not allow that to keep her from starting up, but maintaining her brand design while dealing with graphic designer turnover has made that difficult.
  • Budget: She started in two weeks so she didn’t much think of budget. Between obtaining software and needed equipment, and paying for third-party help, she spent about $1,200 in year one.
  • Pain points: She does commentary on all of her episodes which takes a great deal of time, but this is also her favorite part because she is able to provide value to her listeners.
  • Struggles: Time management and being sure to focus enough time on all of her projects and work. Also she struggles with her desire to grow, expand, get listeners, and manage her outreach. Accepting that she is not perfect and that this is okay, she’s learning.
  • Advice to new podcasters - once you’ve figured out your message, just do it. Don’t get stuck in the research phase. Take the leap!


About the Podcaster:



From teenage parent to post education graduate Nicole Walker has a relentless drive. Nicole Walker is a mother, business woman, and leader who has failed and succeeded many times over in attainment of the empowering life lessons she intends to share with the world. Nicole's business accolades include being an International Speaker, Leadership Specialist, Podcast Host, and Success Strategist. Nicole has a passion for solving the problems she sees in leadership and collaboration/empowerment among women of color. Nicole is the founder of Nicole Walker Network a Leadership Development and Strategic Planning Company offering coaching, consulting, and workshops to aspiring and current female entrepreneurs looking to reach the next level. Nicole is also the creator, host, and producer of She Leads Podcast, an interview style podcast featuring leadership experiences, insight, and advice from female entrepreneurs of color. Nicole is a life-long learner, having attained her MBA and various certifications in business analysis, training, instructional development/design, and project management. When Nicole isn’t working she enjoys creating memories and going on adventures with her family & friends, event planning, and scrapbooking. If you’re interested in learning more about Nicole, Nicole Walker Network, and/or She Leads Podcast go to


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The technical thing I learned from this episode:

Be open to where the interview takes you. Smooth Vocal Ducking in Audition is kinda magic.


Cats in this episode: Fat Round


Personal Podcasting Pain Point:'s level meter isn't accurate. Not even close, but it's STILL better than Squadcast also crashed at around the 14:30 mark, which is why there's kinda an awkward transition between topics.