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Just Podcasting

Apr 8, 2019

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Episode Summary:

Bryan Entzminger joins us to discuss why podcasting is WORTH it even when it’s hard. Bryan had a full time job but something was missing. He wanted to do something MORE and make a bigger impact in the world, so he started the Engaging Missions Podcast to feature missionaries and church planners and share their experiences with the world. Bryan discusses his experiences in podcasting, budging, avoiding overwhelm, and what he still struggles with and so much more.

About the Podcaster:

Bryan Entzminger is a Logistics planning Analyst and Podcast host. Bryan hosts the Engaging Missions Podcast to bring God stories in your earbuds-sharing stories from the lives of missionaries, ministry leaders, and church planters.


  • Balancing Full Time work & Podcasting
  • Being Impactful
  • How to pick ONE Person to listen to for advice.
  • How to Show Up in your Niche
  • Navigating family life while podcasting
  • Avoiding Overwhelm in Podcasting


Mentioned in this episode:

Podcast Engineering School


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The technical thing I learned from this episode:

Breath control in RX7 is your friend... but if you aren't careful, you cut off letters and sounds like CH, TH, P, B and Ks. (Grab RX7 here) I may sound a little too breathy still, but trust me, it's sooo much better than it was. (It's my myriad of allergies that causes it as I'm allergic to most things man-made)


Cats in this episode:

Fat Round. We hopefully got him out of the episode though.


Personal Podcasting Pain Point:

Why do I find everything so funny? Or maybe amusing? The world is a funny place, I guess. Also, there's the squeaky chair.