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Just Podcasting

Mar 25, 2019

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Andrea is currently taking a break from her podcasts due to a major health issue. And she approaches this hiatus and challenge with an extraordinary amount of grace and authenticity. As she says, "Sometimes you have to prioritize things over your own podcast." Take that to heart, my dear podcasters.


Episode Summary:


Andrea Klunder of The Creative Imposter and I chat about building a successful podcasting enterprise after the loss of her first entrepreneurial endeavor and pulling herself out of the depression that followed. We will discuss how she started in podcasting, what she would have changed about the beginning of her journey, the tools she uses - then and now, budgets, time-management, and working with her partner to build her business. Andrea and I dish on where we would like to see podcasting venture to in the future and what we would like to see change now.


  • Andrea credits hard work and her education for her success.
  • It took a year from ideation and conceptualizing the podcast, until it was fully realized and launched.
  • Barriers: Her perfectionist tendencies and learning new technology and editing caused her to spend a lot of time conceptualizing before launch.
  • Budget: She was able to start her podcast with essentially no upfront cost due to some lucky finds on microphones, and now really only spends money on the data elements like content storage, scheduling, and content management as well additional team members to keep everything running smoothly.
  • She did practice shows to test sound, practice editing, refine her recorded voice, and learn how to do visual editing. <--SUPER SMART
  • Pain points: Writing show notes. We both agree that writing the show notes almost takes longer than editing the pieces themselves.
  • Struggles: The dichotomy of creating new content on a steady schedule, but also finding time to properly promote and discuss that content causes the most struggle. This is mostly due to a need for more consistent time management and organization methods. She truly believes that balance is a myth!
  • Despite working very closely with her partner in her business, she notes that all of her work has been very positive in nature. Her entire business centers around podcasting at this point, and she is very grateful and excited to be where she is at today.


About the Podcaster:


Andrea Klunder is a one-time yogi who ventured into podcasting after losing her beloved yoga studio. She is the creator and owner of The Creative Imposter Studios and is currently producing two separate podcasts with the help of her partner and freelance editing assistant.


Mentioned in this episode:


Kimberly Wilson - Yogi/Entrepreneur

Pat Flynn


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The technical thing I learned from this episode: had some issues that seem like audio ducking, but it seems like it shouldn't have... and I had some serious mic envy because Andrea sounded rich and silky with her new mic. Yet, I was not smart or savvy enough to ask her (or anyone) to do a double ender (where each speaker records locally on their computer or device and then shares that file with me). DUH.


Cats in this episode:

Fat Round. He LOVED our conversation. See him on Instagram.


Special Appearance by... GEESE (which you may or may not be able hear depending on how you're listening). Yeah... THOUSANDS OF THEM flying over my house.


In late November, hundreds of thousands of Snow Geese migrate to the [Delmarva] Peninsula from summer breeding grounds in the Arctic Tundra. If you're in the right spot to witness their arrival, you may think there is an ominous snow shower looming in the distance. As they approach, geese migrating in crisp V-shapes morph into snaking, shifting U-formations as they prepare for landing. Massive flocks can temporarily block out the sun. 


As they get closer, thousands of geese create a cresting wave of squawks and honks. The noise builds until you can't hear anything else around you. The deafening chorus can create a ringing in your ears that will take you hours to shake loose. 


Personal Podcasting Pain Point:

Andrea is someone I truly admire. We've floated around in the same podcasting circles for awhile and I met her at Podcast Movement, albeit briefly. I was way to shy to ask her to hangout. I totally had Impostor Syndrome before and during recording...I might have been a bit of a fan-girl in the episode. *cringe* Still, I'm glad I pushed through!