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Just Podcasting

Apr 8, 2019

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Episode Summary:

Lisa Orkin, one of the first ever podcasters, discusses her 10 years of experience in podcasting. Coming from a voice acting background to starting her first podcast, and how she got to her current podcast, Project Woo Woo. She shares how she copes with all the aspects of podcasting, how much of her life is spent podcasting and how she mixes humor with her wisdom.

About the Podcaster:

Lisa Orkin is a comedian, the Creative Director at Radio Ranch, a company that creates ads for radio and podcasts. She is the host of Project Woo Woo, where she has real conversations with imaginary people fulfilling her deep desire to look deep into the hearts and minds of the most important

spiritual, historical, and intellectual influencers, past and present, dead or alive all played by some of the most brilliant world-class actors, writers, and comedians, in Los Angeles. It is part comedy, part performance art, part serious interview. Unlimited by time and space, Lisa suspends reality to talk with people she has always wanted to. There is not one minute that Lisa does not believe she is talking to the real people, making Lisa’s fantasy world organically funny, wonderfully wacky and strangely enlightening.

Lisa is a Ya Ya Podcasting client.


  • Why She Started a Podcast
  • The History of all her Podcasts
  • How to Cope with Details
  • The Need to Tell Stories
  • Dealing with Feeling Unsure
  • Parody laws


Mentioned in this episode:

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The technical thing I learned from this episode:

Squadcast has some issues, probably because I was on wi-fi and not hard wired like usual.


Cats in this episode:

Thor. AKA Maydoh. While I was recording the intro, he wanted me turn on the bathroom tap for him. Because why would a cat want to drink from a water bowl?


Personal Podcasting Pain Point:

This year has been crazy so far, in a good way. New clients, new team members and new opportunities and a growing to-do list. Getting this podcast out remains a challenge. Next season, I'll be doing things differently so I really can drop an entire season in 1 day. I'm learning from this failure and experimenting a bit with other ideas (which I'll share with you soon!).