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Just Podcasting

Feb 11, 2019

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Steve Stewart, a podcast editor, financial planner, as well as the former host & creator of "Money Plan S.O.S.," talks with me today about how podcasting takes more time than you think! From beginning to end, creating and hosting a podcast is quite a production, but with the right tools, technology, and support from specialists within the podcasting community, you can expand your podcast while saving what's most valuable to you: time.



  • How Steve began his podcasting journey and how he overcame his fear to do so.
  • Why editing for podcasting is an essential element in the production process.
  • Why editing takes a long time when producing a podcast.
  • Why podcasting within your profession makes it super rewarding and super challenging.
  • Why marketing your podcast is important.
  • Why it is important to be consistent with your podcast.
  • What is the podcasting community and why you should not "podcast in isolation."
  • How podcasting specialists, like editors, copyists, and social media gurus, can help grow your podcast.
  • What tools do you need to start your podcast, even while on a budget? (Steve gets specific here, so take notes!)
  • Steve dives deep into the podcasting "tech stuff." (Again, get your note pad ready!)
  • The importance of keeping the technology simple when starting your podcast.
  • A shout out to The Podcast Editor's Club because they are absolutely fabulous!
  • How are you serving your audience with your podcast?

Wow! That's a lot of great podcast production information! Hold on tight while we build this great podcast community together!





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One more notes about this series. I plan on experimenting with it while making it work FOR ME. From time to time, things may be different, go a bit wacky or even sideways, so your feedback will help me (and my lovely team) learn, grow and craft something that serves you, dear listener.

The technical thing I learned from this episode:


Always have an extra pair earbuds or headphones on hand.


Cat in this episode:


Fat Round. (the editor cut him out) And in post, Bear chewed through the left earphone cable. It's Sunday night at 7pm in lower, slower Delaware. Ordering a replacement. sigh.


Personal Podcasting Pain Point:


Nailing down the show notes. And worrying about how the podcast was going to turn out as a whole because Steve was one of my first interviews... aka the discomfort of not knowing. I was also a little intimidates at first to talk to Steve, but turns out he's so easy to talk to... shoulda warned the poor guy just how much I can talk.


Meet The Guest:




Steve Stewart is a husband, father, hater of DEBT, lover of all things personal finance, and turned a failed business of 10 years into a new career in only 6 months. While working a day-job, he started a Financial Wellness business on the side. But after 10 years of coaching, blogging, podcasting, and leading classes he had to give it up for something he never knew was possible: Making a living by editing other people's podcasts. Steve and his wife currently live in St. Louis, Missouri with their 18 year old daughter and dog named Cooper.




Thank you to all the people who made this series possible: My loving, supportive family, my incredible Ya Ya Podcasting Team and the podcasters who were so generous with their thoughts, feelings, experiences and time. And thank you to my clients who always inspire me, my The Good, the Bad and The Yetis (you know who you are), Elsie Escobar and her E-League Alum and my the supportive communities of podcast editors: Podcast Editors Cub & Just Busters: Female Podcast Editors.


P.S. I have been using HelloCast (currently in beta) for this show's workflow... they are NOT a sponsor, but I LOVE how easy they've made putting my show together. All the non audio elements are in 1 place and I can easily track where in the process an episode is... from IDEA to RELEASED. So, THANK YOU HELLOCAST for knowing how I think and designing an app to organize me. :)


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