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Just Podcasting

Mar 9, 2019

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Episode Summary:


Britany of "Podcasting for Coaches" and I converse about how podcasting allowed her to leave her corporate job and live her dream lifestyle. Britany goes into why she chose podcasting as her tool to achieve career freedom and how her her podcasting journey has changed overtime. As both a podcast host and editor, Britany delves into the unique challenges and opportunities that each aspect of the podcasting production world presents. Britany offers great insight into how she got started, her budget, and exactly how she manages the demands and challenges of the podcasting profession with her outside life.

  • Britany wanted to get out of corporate and live her dream lifestyle. Within three months of launching her podcast, she did just that!
  • Barriers: Britany discusses how she juggled her full-time job, house renovations, and launching a podcast for the first time. An obvious barrier? Time.
  • Budget: She discusses some important aspects of production that podcasters often overlook-- which can lead to some trouble!
  • Pain points: Timing, episodic structure, marketing, and the legality of podcast content. Britney discusses various podcasting pain points and how she overcame them.
  • Struggles: Traveling without a reliable connection caused Britany some scheduling struggle as a podcast host and complicated her relationships with clients as an editor. Britany discusses the importance of communication in the podcasting field.
  • Personal Podcast Anxiety: We discuss how Britany manages relationships with clients, and the importance of establishing boundaries.
  • Advice to new podcasters: You get out of podcasting what you invest into it, however, time and money are valuable, so spend those things wisely.


About the Podcaster: Britany Felix




Britany Felix found herself approaching her 30’s, working in a soul-sucking corporate job, and no closer to her dreams of traveling the world. In November 2015, she decided to start a podcast where she could learn from those living her dream lifestyle and that decision changed her life. She’s long-since left the corporate world behind and now has the freedom she craved thanks to her business as a Podcast Launch Consultant where she specializes in helping coaches and consultants get their message out into the world with a podcast of their very own.


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When you use iZotope Plugins mixdowns take forever.


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Why do I find everything hilarious? The world and it's humans amuse me, I guess. #cringe