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Just Podcasting

Apr 7, 2019

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"Podcasting is like YouTube without the video!" - a discovery by one of Andrea's (super smart) students... because after I asked a gazillion podcasters, no one came up with that perfect description.

How can I effectively summarize the podcasting powerhouse that is Ms. Andrea Klunder? Andrea Klunder truly believes in empowerment and engagement through expression in media. Using podcasting as a tool to bring people together, she truly believes that podcasting can be an effective way to engage, educate, and communicate within our diverse communities. This includes special learners, who can use the power of podcasting to evolve as young minds with special needs using her podcasting project, "Power Your Story." Today, we speak about her unique podcasting story and how she uses the humble podcast to help students achieve greatness.



  • How Andrea turned her own passion for podcasting into a powerful communication tool for students with special needs in high school using her "Power Your Story" project.
  • How Andrea successfully pitched podcasting as an educational tool for high school students.
  • How Andrea was able to create a real world podcasting project for high school students on a budget.
  • The technology that students used in order to record their podcasts.
  • Were there any unexpected costs that Andrea did not budget for?
  • How the storytelling and interviewing aspect of podcasting can engage and empower a special learner.
  • What was Andrea's biggest challenge in engaging her special needs' students in the podcasting project.
  • How podcasting can empower students to become experts in both planning and producing in a real world context.
  • How Andrea turns podcasting into a community project for her students.
  • How the editing process can help empower the podcaster-- with or without special needs.
  • Why becoming a podcast mentor is so important.

Wow! That's a lot of great podcast production information! Hold on tight while we build this great podcast community together!

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One more notes about this series. I plan on experimenting with it while making it work FOR ME. From time to time, things may be different, go a bit wacky or even sideways, so your feedback will help me (and my lovely team) learn, grow and craft something that serves you, dear podcasters.


The technical thing I learned from this episode:

Double sided tape helps keep your boom arm in place when you have an odd shaped table edge.


Cat in this episode:

Fat Round... who has turned into somewhat of a mascot for the show. #podcats


Personal Podcasting Pain Point:

My son came home about 5 minutes early and about 5 minutes before the episode wrapped up. That might not be a big deal to a lot of you, but schedules are super important and transitions are super hard for him because austism. He's getting better at managing his reactions, so while it was a tad stressful for that last 5 minutes, it was also small WIN for him and for us parents who work so hard to help him through this stuff.


Meet The Podcaster:


Power Your Story Podcasting


Andrea Klunder works with mission-driven individuals and organizations to help them use podcasting as a powerful tool for connection, trust, and social impact. She is the Producer & Host of Podcast Envy, all about the craft of podcasting beyond the microphone, and The Creative Impostor Podcast, a show all about how to take bold action in your life and work, despite the little voice in your head that says, “Who do you think you are? You can’t do THAT!” In 2017, she launched Power Your Story, a high school mentoring program and podcast produced by students with diverse learning challenges in Chicago. Andrea is the Producer & Editor of Key Change, a podcast by The Santa Fe Opera and Opera for All Voices, and believes in the power of podcasting to develop an intimate connection with your listeners, build loyal community, and immerse your followers in an authentic brand experience through engaging, entertaining, and educational audio media. Andrea has been a featured speaker and trainer for Podcast Movement, Next Door Chicago, Singularity Storytelling Summit, Nikki Nigl’s About Women, Chicago Public Schools, and many, many podcasts!




Thank you to all the people who made this series possible: My loving, supportive family, my incredible Ya Ya Podcasting Team and the podcasters who were so generous with their thoughts, feelings, experiences and time. And thank you to my clients who always inspire me, my The Good, the Bad and The Yetis (you know who you are), Elsie Escobar and her E-League Alum and my the supportive communities of podcast editors: Podcast Editors Cub & Just Busters: Female Podcast Editors.


P.S. I have been using HelloCast (currently in beta) for this show's workflow... they are NOT a sponsor, but I LOVE how easy they've made putting my show together. All the non audio elements are in 1 place and I can easily track where in the process an episode is... from IDEA to RELEASED. So, THANK YOU HELLOCAST for knowing how I think and designing an app to organize me. :)