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Just Podcasting

Feb 12, 2019

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From recording music to recording podcasts! Jeni discusses many essential challenges in the podcast world, including overcoming personal anxiety and career demands, balancing all aspects of podcast production with your personal life, and the importance of developing and streamlining organizational routines in order to maximize how you spend your time while creating, editing, and marketing your podcast.

Jeni did try dating after this recording, but recently let me know she is taking another romance break. (Sorry, guys!)


    • How Jen began her podcasting journey and how she overcame anxiety and financial challenges in order to do so.
    • Accessing grants to help with costs associated with podcasting
    • Why Jen developed Podcast Portland and how she aims to help others in the field.
    • Why editing takes so much time and why developing a solid organizational routine is important to any podcast host or production company.
    • How Jen's editing routine has changed overtime.
    • Why podcast production takes so much time and the importance of developing a fair price structure for the time that you put in.
    • How production of your podcast will evolve and change over time, and why we all need to RELAX.
    • The steps every podcast professional should take to market your podcast.
    • Why it's important to move beyond Facebook!
  • The importance of considering (and balancing!) production time and marketing!
  • Why your podcast should involve and engage your community.
  • How podcasting affects your relationships and personal life.
  • How Jeni deals with what she considers to be the biggest challenges and personal struggles of podcasting.

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One more notes about this series. I plan on experimenting with it while making it work FOR ME. From time to time, things may be different, go a bit wacky or even sideways, so your feedback will help me (and my lovely team) learn, grow and craft something that serves you, dear listener.


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The technical thing I learned from this episode: Turn down the gain. Also, Squadcast's meter isn't very accurate (but they are always improving things, so it will come, I'm sure).

Cat in this episode: Fat Round

Personal Podcasting Pain Point: Making sure the levels were right. My squeaky chair. And Jeni and I were both fidgety. Sorry!

Meet The Guest (In her own words!):


I am a podcast producer and artist in Portland, Oregon. After years in the music industry as an award winning vocalist, my including Kickstarter funded 2013 EP North Star, as a music writer for Portland Mercury and Media Sponsorship Coordinator of Non Profit PDX Pop Now! I started the Gritty Birds Podcast, a narrative music podcast exploring the stories behind artist’s in the industry today. The show has been funded with sponsorships, including with partner station XRAY.FM, grants and a Kickstarter. In the last year I launched community advocacy group Podcast Portland and launched a Podcast Editing and Production Company, Gritty Birds Podcast Editing while working full time in audio tech and sales at Guitar Center.


Thank you to all the people who made this series possible: My loving, supportive family, my incredible Ya Ya Podcasting Team and the podcasters who were so generous with their thoughts, feelings, experiences and time. And thank you to my clients who always inspire me, my The Good, the Bad and The Yetis (you know who you are), Elsie Escobar and her E-League Alum and my the supportive communities of podcast editors: Podcast Editors Cub & Just Busters: Female Podcast Editors.

P.S. I have been using HelloCast (currently in beta) for this show's workflow... they are NOT a sponsor, but I LOVE how easy they've made putting my show together. All the non audio elements are in 1 place (including files!!!) and I can easily track where in the process an episode is... from IDEA to RELEASED. So, THANK YOU HELLOCAST for knowing how I think and designing an app to organize me. :)