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Just Podcasting

Dec 24, 2019

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Episode Summary:  

Her publisher wanted her to start a podcast to launch her book, but even with a professional producer, the process was painful. She knew her message was to important to share to be deterred, so she kept at it. She shares her most powerful lessons learned, her go to coping strategy for dealing with impostor syndrome and how she makes podcasting work for her.


About the Podcaster: 

Jennifer Whitacre Gardner, MA, BA, LMT, is an Expert Myofascial Release Therapist who helps with physical injuries, structural imbalances, and various other chronic conditions. Jennifer discovered the importance of understanding how intricately connected our physical health is with our mental health, our emotional health, and our spiritual health. She helps her clients reveal the source of these issues so they can come to a new level of acceptance of themselves. Her work, her podcast, and her writing often revolve around this theme of raising personal awareness and learning to take a whole new approach to health, and to life. This is why Jennifer started her podcast-- so her listeners can hear stories of the challenges others have faced and how they surmounted their obstacles. Everyone has a story that will inspire someone!



  • Not all professional help in podcasting is great help
  • Information overwhelm is REAL and paralyzing
  • Creating great interview questions
  • Guests with control issues
  • Jennifer's budget
  • Getting the first episodes recorded can be a real pain
  • Automation is AMAZING
  • The show notes conundrum
  • Podcasters self-abuse
  • Podcast coping skills
  • Retaining authenticity in your podcast
  • How podcasting impact Jennifer's personal relationships


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The technical thing I learned from this episode: Having your audio transcribed makes creating show notes a lot easier and faster.

Podcasting Pain Point: Recorded this with and you can tell. I wasn't smart enough at the time to record my end locally, which is weird because I do that when I'm a guest on other's shows. Done is better than perfect.