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Just Podcasting

Dec 24, 2019

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Episode Summary:

Goli Kalkhoran of Lessons From a Quitter, talks about leaving her practice as an attorney to find contentment and drive from her passions. We delve into leaving her firm, the emotions behind that, building a new business, and how she eventually allowed herself to begin podcasting. With so much going on between being a mom of two littles and running her own businesses, we also discuss time management, balance, and how all of this is impacting her personal life.

Meet the Podcaster:


Goli Kalkhoran is a former lawyer turned podcaster on a mission to let others know that it is okay to abandon the passions and goals they had as young adults, in order to grow and thrive as they get to know themselves in every decade of life. She spent the time, effort, energy, and money to become a lawyer, but once she started practicing, realized that she felt stuck and trapped. Along with that feeling of being trapped, was a certain level of guilt over wanting to quit something that she had worked so hard and for so long to attain. With the support of her husband, she quit the job that was suffocating her, and found her calling in helping others realize that it is okay to be a quitter in order to find the work that truly inspires growth and passion both personally and professionally.


  • Goli spent two years conceptualizing her podcast, but put it off due to time and imposter-syndrome. She wanted to get her message out there when she quit her firm initially, but felt that she needed to be successful in her own business before she could launch. Sound familiar?
  • After deciding to take the leap, she had her show launched within 5 months.
  • Barriers: She stood in her own way thinking that she needed to be able to provide experience, but she’d already taken the leap by quitting her practice and really just needed to share her insights.
  • Budget: Goli had no budget in mind when she started. She didn’t spend too much or too little, just got the things she needed to get going. She now thinks she’ll be spending more on marketing.
  • Pain points: Writing show notes. We both agree that writing the show notes almost takes longer than editing the pieces themselves. Do they actually have value?
  • Struggles: The struggle is real when it comes to falling down the rabbit hole. She shares about how she gets sucked in to the social media aspect because she enjoys connecting with her audience, but this has caused her some time management issues.
  • This experience has been so very positive for her and her family. Her husband is supportive, her son loves to pretend to record, and she has found profound fulfillment in normalizing the idea of starting over to pursue your passions, rather than staying stuck in your expectations.
  • Message to new podcasters: starting is overwhelming, but you don’t know what you don’t know and there are so many things that you can only learn by doing. Don’t wait for everything to be right to start, just start.

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The technical thing I learned from this episode: Figuring out transients and Ozone 8...

Cats in this episode: It's always Fat Round... but sometimes Moo.

Personal Podcasting Pain Point: I kinda hate the way the interviews sound a year later. Maybe my processing was too aggressive. I use a gentler touch these days and I'm more forgiving of my own voice.