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Just Podcasting

Dec 23, 2019

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Episode Summary:  

Jen Vertanen joins us to discuss her podcast experience dealing with tough topics. Jen explains the struggle to finding the right guest to come on the show, getting over 1-star reviews, the time it takes to put out a quality podcast, balancing podcast and family life, and getting your process to help beat the overwhelm.


About the Podcaster: 

Jen Vertanen is a guru who deals with trauma and hosts the Going There podcast where she and her guests explore tough topics through unfiltered, raw, and often hilarious conversations about the things that make us human.



·        Dealing with tough topics

·        Finding the right guests

·        Finding the time to make a podcast

·        Hiring a good team

·        Knowing what you need

·        Avoiding active listening in podcasts


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The technical thing I learned from this episode: Transients are still an enigma for me...


Podcasting Pain Point: The problem with working with recordings and edits you did a long time ago is that you can't remember what issues you had... is the audio really scratchy and were the levels always wonky or is that something I messed up in post?